The world’s largest tokamak

the tokamak fusion reactor

Diagram of the tokamak reactor to scale with person standing at right .

From a religious stand point . they say what ever man or the human race has created no matter how great. What they are really doing is re-creating what he has already made by the all mighty himself. reason for saying so is quite simply because  the fusion project is probably the greatest frontier yet. To create a man made star which is pretty godly.

stars including our sun is fueled by hydrogen. the most abundant element in the universe. So yeah. they are everywhere in unlimited amounts in the universe apparently. It seems that astrologers as we know it not only know where every star or planet is located or even what component they represent. As i know  they are just a bunch of guys who are very good at calculating how far away are we from everyone and how old is the universe. Apparently its more than that ! they also know how the damn thing works !

natures gift to the universe

Natural Fusion. The Star

so this is how it goes basically.Three elements. gravity, hydrogen and heat. so in gravity terms. everything that has mass creates gravity.the more the stronger. so billions upon billions of tons of hydrogen gas gravitate together in great magnitudes compresses and creates immense heat. this extreme density and heat creates fusion.

A star on earth 

In order to simulate fusion in space . a device called a tokamak reactor is created. it is Invented in Russia. The tokamak is shaped like a doughnut so that it could hold the extremely hot gas which turns to what is called plasma. in short a doughnut shape is best to hold this gas.The plasma is heated by microwave up to 150 million degrees Celsius.i wont go to much about how it is heated which is another amazing phenomenon. The first stage is by shooting a current through the plasma which induces heat but this only brings it to 30 million degrees Celsius phew feeling hot already. then the second stage is the neutral beam injection”got to see this when they actually start this thing”which introduce high energy beams into the confine plasma in repeated collision which increases the heat.which further increases its heat to approximately 100 million degrees . the required temperature to fuse deuterium and tritium . Now the plasma has a negative charge and a positive charge. so this means that the plasma in the tokamak chamber could be magnetized and as a result be  manipulated magnetically. simple words. they could shape it however they want and hold it suspended in mid air. amazing.

so the tokamak reactors electromagnets is configured around the plasma to retain its circular doughnut shape and to remain suspended within the chamber in order for it not to touch the walls which could cool the whole process and hamper the whole ignition process. The electromagnets is also charged to compress the plasma in order to push the deuterium and tritium together at the required temperature to fuse them together and henceforth emerse huge amounts of energy.

Catch 22

In the 1920’s Arthur Eddington an astrophysicist. He investigated the interior of stars through theory, and developed the first true understanding of stellar processes and hens forth came the birth of the understanding of fusion power.

There is a huge debate as would this endeavor work . The cost is astronomical in the number of billions the hardware and the infrastructure is huge and the task all the more daunting. skeptics say  the physics is too delicate and too complex and cost too much money. which is a factor in this giant experiment.

Another argument is that the scientist have been saying that the technology is 20 years away since the 1920’s right through to today. so to conclude the argument why want to risk so much money to do an experiment too complex to succeed would always suffice.

the reason is  catch 22. its hard to believe what I am about to write but here it is. deuterium and tritium are two components of hydrogen called isotopes. hydrogen comes from water H2O as we all know. so the raw materials would be? seawater. and it doesn’t end there. one gram of water is equivalent to 11 tonnes of coal.

so lets go back for a while in 1912. in its maiden voyage the titanic had 5892 tons of  coal so that’s 5892 tons / 11 tons per gram would equal 535 grams. so that’s a half liter of water. and thinking that the raw material is water is insane. so it could be seen the insanity of this drove scientist and government alike not thinking of the impossible task of making this work. it doesn’t matter. Its worth the risk. technology. don’t you just love it.

Written By : Justin SInsua