Virgin Galactic

It all started from the $10,000,000 Ansari x prize a space competition to launch the first private owned aircraft to send a person into space. co-founded by American born Iranian Anousheh Ansari.This prompt 26 contestants from all over the world to compete for this prestigious award never undertaken in space exploration. Space privately owned free enterprise. Among them was a company called scaled composites owned by renowned aeronautical engineer Burt Rutan.

spaceshipone hitchs a ride with white knight on its prelimenary stages towards launch altitude of 50,000 feet

this made Burt Rutan initiative to make space flight simple and affordable which he profoundly did very well as I would explain later. Its a novelty .

Scaled Composite

Spaceshipone was built by a company called scaled composites owned by Burt Rutan. spaceshipone was built under the Tier One program.The Tier One program is proposed to send a re-usable space craft into space via its prelaunch aircraft called  white knight. the whole program was funded by Paul Allen the co-founder of Microsoft at an estimated US$20 million.

the object of the program was to launch a space vehicle carrying passengers  into space at a low cost budget and to be re used after completion of its mission. Because it is low cost and re liable this makes it commercially viable to launch a space vehicle into space as a business enterprise.

The historical flight that spaceshipone made on 21 June 2004 validated this and hence commercial networks and infrastructure of this venture has been initiated by a company that manages this program called Mojave Aerospace ventures.

Writen By :Justin SInsua



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