where is the reactor now?


stands for international thermonuclear experimental reactor. which also means the way in Latin.It is located in cadarache south of france. where it is undergoing assembly. what is currently the biggest fusion reactor to date. according to scientist this reactor would produce 500 megawats of power. but it is not a proposed power plant to provide electricity for the masses but simply a test bed for fusion reactor research and to demonstrate that fusion is the energy of the future.

Michio Kaku on fusion

the project has got funding from seven countries. The Euro countries(EU), Russia, United States, Japan, China & India. In regards to who has stake in this technology “exclusive rights when it work 😉 ” the EU is the main contributor because they play host to the whole experiment complex in Cadarache France which 45% and the rest of the 6 countries has 9% each

The first Successful fusion at Jet Laboratory


Fusion has already been done in the jet(joint European torus) experiment located in Oxfordshire UK. This experiment is just to prove that fusion could be done. Iter its successor is to prove that its economically viable with a factor of 1 to 10 . so one meaning the amount of energy to put in to create an output factor of 10. so the 500 megawatt output of the Tokamak needs 50 megawatts of input. this can only be done with a very large tokamak.


Cadarache is located 60 kilometres north  east of Marseilles. Its is known as the CEA   Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique that’s the the Atomic Energy Commision in reverse

if spoken in French. Cadarache is a region which specializes in the study of atomic energy which was proposed by the late president Charles De Gaulle in 1959. it has 21 nuclear reactors and a full nuclear reactor management system on the treatment and recycling of nuclear waste in the region. Nuclear reactors safety in relating the the Fukushima incident is very much in question world wide and gave strong conviction to anti nuclear activist in regards to whether nuclear energy is safe for public use.

A good place to visit ITER is a small town called Mosoque located 10 kilometres away. Its population is on the 22000 surrounded by a beautiful southern France back drop deep in culture and irresistible European ambiance and characteristics. All the more a summer visit would further magnify the charm of southern France.

Monosque. Charms of southern France

a recomended hotel would be Hotel Ibis Manosque Cadarache which compromises budget and luxury to enjoy south of France. All facilities and entertainment in  Hotel Ibis Manosque Cadarache will be provided at the reception area.

Ibis Budget around 100 to 150 euros per night.


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